Travelling & Hitting Nutrition Goals – You Can Make It Work!

Travelling & Hitting Nutrition Goals – You Can Make It Work!

Long distance travel can definitely throw you off your goal based eating structure; if you let it!

12+ hours of sitting in a recliner loaded with digital entertainment, constant snacks and beverage service, and then every food group on one tray including my favourite; cheesecake, it’s the ultimate setup for smooth abs and swollen ankles!

Being in this position in the past, I’ve generally convinced myself that I “deserve” to enjoy these things so I “give in” to eating & drinking everything offered, as well as the sneaky extras the person sitting next to me decided not to eat.

Looking back at those situations in the past, I was in an “I’m dieting” state of mind and was suffering from food choice restrictions and cravings; mainly because I was “eating clean” for an extended period of time.

Today, I was that strange guy on my flight; passing up my meals to the people sitting next to me, and eating the foods I had packed with me. I didn’t even look twice at the cheesecake. I didn’t feel like I “deserved” to eat it or felt the urge to “give in”. I didn’t feel like I was restricting myself by not “enjoying” what was offered.

The reason behind my “unexpected” decision to stick to my goals and eat my prepped foods has a lot to do with my change in mindset, and the fact that the foods I prepped weren’t restrictive, bland, or boring. I didn’t pack 3 containers of chicken & broccoli. I’m not in an “I’m dieting” state of mind. I have a mindset of “I’m eating towards my goals” and more often that not, the foods you personally prepare yourself will be things you actually like!

So yeah I skipped the cheesecake, the vodka, the pretzels etc. But none of that compared to my Nutella sandwiches anyways! Yes, Nutella… No surprise there right!

Somehow having specifically measured amounts of steak, veg, eggs sandwiches, Nutella sandwiches, and protein shakes kept me satisfied and on track to looking & feeling awesome!

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy a relaxed and unaccounted for meal from time to time. But say no to general food choice restriction, the dieting mindset, and smooth abs by improving your approach to goal based nutrition with full control of what you eat whenever possible.

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