The Simple Guide To Flexible Dieting

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Following the success of my first eBook, Free Yourself From ‘Clean Eating’, I have decided to write this as a follow up which is more specifically based on flexible dieting.

Titled appropriately, this eBook will provide you with all of the general information you need to know about flexible dieting. It will also assist you in more individual specific procedures such as setting up a calorie and macronutrient intake suitable to you.

The Simple Guide To Flexible Dieting is a must have eBook for any person interested in a more balanced and sustainable approach to nutrition. If you have heard of IIFYM or are wondering why others around you are eating “unacceptable” food sources whilst still reaching their goals, you are a few clicks away from the answers.




– What Is Flexible Dieting?
– Why Does Flexible Dieting Work?
– Who Can Benefit From Flexible Dieting?
– The Rules For Results!
– Making Smart Choices
– Reading Nutritional Labels
– Tracking Your Intake
– Setting Your Initial Nutrient Goals
– Common Questions
– Key Notes
– Final Words

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