Still Using Macronutrient Ratios?

Still Using Macronutrient Ratios?

Okay, so you want to drop body fat so you know you have to create structure and aim to be consistent with a controlled calorie intake.

You’re an office girl weighing 65kg and decide to eat 1500 calories per day with an expected rate of weight loss of 0.5-1.0% total body weight per week, and will adjust your intake (or activity) if weight loss is too fast/slow.

Now onto macronutrients.. You know protein is important, and you think low carbs will speed things up. So you opt for a generic 50% protein, 20% carbs, 30% fat ratio because well, it sounds effective.

What this equates to:
187g protein
75g carbs
50g fat

Reminder: you weigh 65kg.

Assuming you’re 20% body fat, consuming 130g of protein per day would be more than sufficient and to most educated people overkill.

However using a generic ratio has bumped your protein up at the expense of carbs (energy) with no benefits.

So you consider a 40:40:20 ratio…

This equates to:
150g protein
150g carbs
33g fat

Again, higher protein than needed this time at the expense of fats, with no benefits.

My point? Generic macronutrient ratios are an OKAY starting point or consideration when designing a diet within a controlled calorie intake, however taking a further step and considering actual body weight, body fat percentage, and more will have you in a much better position.

Potentially less bloated, more energy, and more purpose.

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