Risk Vs Reward

Risk Vs Reward

When it comes to seeking better results in dropping body fat or even being stronger for example, you have to consider the risk vs reward factor.

Typically the higher the risk, the greater the (potential) reward. In other words, the higher the potential reward, the greater the risk. On the other hand, the lower the risk, the lesser the reward… or maybe it just takes longer.

This is something some people don’t consider when looking to improve their physique. If you want to lose weight rapidly, say upwards of 1-5kg per week, it is definitely possible. I know what I believe to be the smartest way to make it happen too. However, with rapid weight loss (high reward) comes high risk.

So often I consider just getting clients to their goals ASAP but you know what, I used to do that years ago… and more often than not I’d see them months/years later in a worse position than when they started. The smartest way to approach a rapid weight loss scenario is to understand the risks, and if you except them, have an exit strategy too. No one can guarantee long term success though.

When it comes to training, people who want to gain strength (or feel stronger) the fastest attempt to lift their 1RM more frequently, or even 90%+ most of the time, or maybe even compromise technique…all with a greatly increased risk of injury. Others plan a progressive program that might not be exciting or highly intense at the start, but will provide definitely improvements over time.

I guess the choice is yours. There is a time for everything, but being progressive with mostly manageable risk is my preference.

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