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Banana Choc Protein Pancakes











80g Quick Oats
4 Egg Whites
1 Egg Yolk
1 1/2 Bananas
2 scoops PhD Pharma-Pure WPI – Chocolate
170g Chobani Fat Free Greek Yogurt
60g Peters Low Fat Ice Cream
5ml Vanilla Essence


1. Grind quick oats into a powder and blend in egg whites, yolk, 1 scoop of Pharma-Pure and vanilla essence.

2. Grind 1 banana and mix it into the blend.

3. Cook in a pancake maker or lightly spray a pan with olive oil and cook on a stove.

4. Once cooked and plated, slice 1/2 banana and place it in a circle in the middle. Fill the middle with low fat ice cream. (optional)

5. Blend 1 scoop Pharma-Pure into 170g yogurt and pour over pancakes.

Additions such as grinded almonds, nutella, mixed berries, stevia would compliment this plate of awesomeness!

Total Macros:

100g Protein
106g Carbs
14g Fat
15g Fibre

Makes 4-5 pancakes or a total of 2-3 serves.

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