The ultimate guide to gaining MAXIMAL STRENGTH and hitting the platform

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  • Simple, Informative, and Insightful Video Tutorials

    Learn how to squat, bench press, and deadlift with greater confidence, efficiency, and technique to ensure safety and maximal strength gains. Learn the ins and outs of competitive powerlifting and bonus nutritional guidelines to improve your performance and physique.

  • Maximise Your Strength With Your 16 Week Powerlifting Specific Program

    Periodised training program which will take you through the necessary phases of building muscle, gaining strength, and peaking to display your maximal strength in the gym or on the powerlifting platform.

  • Learn From My Personal Experience To Better Your Progress

    Learn about the mistakes I’ve made in my quest for maximal strength and how you can avoid these to set yourself up for the most productive strength building phase of training you’ve ever experienced.

Follow The System I Used To Win My First IPF Competition

Competition Lifts
517 lb Squat, 391 lb Bench Press, 561 lb Deadlift
Lifetime Drug Free

✅ Periodised & Science Based Programming
✅ Assigned Loads - No Guess Work
✅ Video Tutorials for Exercise Technique
✅ Strength & Hypertrophy Gains
✅ Mobility Work Guide
✅ Training & Competition Attire Advice
✅ Complete Powerlifting Competition Prep
✅ Nutritional Recommendations
✅ Maximum Strength Gains
✅ Strategic 1 Rep Max Load Suggestions

$ 97.00 One Time Fee

Suitable for men and women of all ages and experience

Click Here to Get StartedYES! I'm Ready to GAIN STRENGTH Today


I’m so confident in your ability to make substantial improvements to your strength that I’m offering a money back guarantee for it. If you don’t reach new heights of strength by the end of this program I want to know about it!