Overtraining & Adaptations

Overtraining & Adaptations

Some people say that overtraining doesn’t exist. Whilst it definitely does, In many cases it can seem this way due to the following recovery factors being considered.

– Sufficient sleep
– Adequate protein
– Adequate vitamins & minerals
– Adequate fatty acids
– Being in a calorie surplus
– Optimal hydration

On the other hand, if you half ass the list above and still feel great training 7 days per week, maybe you just don’t train as hard as you think you do. In which case overtraining is of no concern either 😉

Why Do I Only Train 4 Days Per Week On Average?

There are 3 possible stages of response when it comes to weight training.

1. Alarm or Shock – Stress (Survival)
2. Adaptation or Resistance – Recovery (Survival)
3. Exhaustion – Overtraining (Failure)

Without going into huge detail explaining each stage:

1 – An immediate response to the stress of training
2 – The body attempts to adapt and improve to ensure survival
3 – Experiencing excessive stress that the body will not recover from or adapt to

The more time you spend in stage 1 & 2, the more results you will experience. Why? Because improved performance is a result of the body recovering and adapting to a stress. You will then increase the stress progressively over time – utilising an effective training program to keep the process going. Both effective training & nutrition protocols are important to find that balance, and allow for results to occur.

If you are lifting the same weights every week, your body has already gone through stage 1 & 2, and is no longer experiencing any additional stress to cause it to adapt/recover/improve from.

This means your workload should be sufficient enough to cause your body stress and attempt to adapt, but not excessive to the point of exhaustion. As mentioned, recovery factors should also be considered to enable the adaptation to occur.

Next time you feel like you aren’t getting the results you expect, understand that more is not always better. However getting comfortable will get you no where.

Progressive overload is key!

Re-evaluate your current training structure, recovery factors, and spend as much time in stages 1 & 2 as possible.

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