Group Online Coaching

Group Online Coaching provides a goal-based semi-personalised service within a community of like-minded people. The personalised aspect of coaching is inclusive of individual nutritional recommendations and the group aspect of coaching includes training programming and allows people to connect in a supportive and informative platform, with the same ultimate goal.

The duration of group coaching is 12 weeks and at this stage is offered in two different goal-based groups.

This coaching service is currently exclusive to females. For guys looking for coaching options click here

woman-squatting-round-buttBooty Building Group Coaching

The Booty Building Group is aimed towards those looking to gain muscle/size in the right areas and feel comfortable and confident in and out of the gym.
Priority = Muscle Gain

Perfect-Bikini-Body-For-SummerBikini Body Group Coaching

The Bikini Body Group is aimed towards those looking to drop body fat and feel comfortable and confident in a bikini.
Priority = Fat Loss

What are the benefits of Group Online Coaching?

– Everyone has the same goal
– Cheaper than one to one online coaching with similar benefits
– A women’s only environment
– Accountability amongst a group of like-minded people who are all looking to succeed

What can you expect from Group Online Coaching?

– Private FB Group platform
– 12 Weeks of Group Coaching
– Everyone starts at the same time
– Progressive Goal-Specific Training Programming (new plan/phase provided every 4 weeks over the 12 weeks)
– Exercise Technique Videos to keep you safe and effective
– Each member will complete a consultation form and have personalised nutritional recommendations provided (macronutrient targets) to get them toward their goal
– You will learn how to adjust your nutritional intake to improve progress over the 12 weeks
– The FB Group will include the training program, goal-specific exercise technique videos, educational nutritional videos, FAQ’s, and more
– There will be a progress tracking sheet to self-report and track your results, allowing you to clearly track your progress which you can also share with the group if you choose

Coaching Role

– I will provide the structured training programming in three phases over the 12 weeks.
– I will provide individualised macronutrient (nutritional) targets for each member and provide educational information on incorporating flexible dieting
– I will answer questions in the FB group to ensure everyone is on track and as a group can learn from each other.

NEW ADDITION: At week 6 you can check-in with me directly via email to review your results and look at making adjustments to your nutrition or improving your mindset one on one.


Feedback from girls in the first round of group coaching:

“I’ve really enjoyed pushing myself these last 12 weeks – I’m lifting heavier, my endurance is better and I’m more positive about my fitness as a whole. I’m grateful for the support from you ladies, too!”

“I’m so happy with my results. I think I look fab in clothes…I have loved this program and group. The nutrition has been like a light bulb moment, absolutely love flexible dieting.”

“I have learnt heaps from you and this program. The information you have provided has been unbelievable. It has helped me learn about my body and changed my mindset. I am not afraid of eating and now know if I have a piece of chocolate that I am not going to hell cause I have broken my diet. I can’t wait too see what progress I can keep making once we have finished.”

Sign Up Now!

The official start date for both groups will be 29th of February and registrations are open now. To secure your spot simply sign up below and complete the Consultation Form prior to the 27th of February.

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  • Bikini Body

  • $197

    for 12 weeks

  • Booty Building

  • $197

    for 12 weeks

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