Meal Timing & Food Combinations

Meal Timing & Food Combinations

Timing meals and putting specific nutrients at different times of the day has no proven positive/negative effect on your body composition if you are being consistent with your total daily nutrient intake.

It is simply only effective on a psychological basis in terms of feeling like you are being “optimal” and also feeling less hungry at certain times of the day when in a calorie deficit.

One could argue that the psychological factor could improve training performance which could then lead to more energy output and improved body composition, which I would agree with. In this case timing meals and nutrients can be beneficial.

However if you can successfully disconnect from that state of mind, there would be no psychological factor to consider and training performance would not differ.

I generally suggest having protein with every meal. Carbs at breakfast, pre/post workout. Fats in times of increased hunger or later in the day. Although I make these general recommendations, I personally eat protein with every meal but I’ll eat whichever other nutrient I feel like, at any time of the day, in any combination, and any amount of meals, because I trust the process; which has proven to work.

The end result of how you look is based on your daily nutrient intake and activity levels above all else. Keep things simple and do what feels good to you, as we all have different schedules, lifestyles, and demands that play a role in how we structure our eating best suited to us.

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