Nutrition Plans: Save Money, Look Great, Feel Amazing!

Nutrition Plans: Save Money, Look Great, Feel Amazing!

We all know the importance of nutrition for basic human function. But what about effective nutrition for things greater than just functioning. How important is it to you to actually LIVE rather than just exist?

If you’re like most people, eating is just a daily requirement, like drinking water or sleeping. The importance of effective nutrition is often overlooked, as we see many people running on high doses of caffeine and on-the-go meals/snacks from their local cafés.

Months down the track they look in the mirror and reality kicks in. They’re overweight. Unattractive. Unconfident. Weak. Depressed. And self conscious, just to name a few!

Realising that what you put in your body has a strong correlation with how you look and feel is the first step to living. All those convenience based snacks, lunches, and dinners probably aren’t making you look or feel the way you’d like!

So how can $150 save you money and your life? Well, think about how much you spend on your current lifestyle. Coffees, fast food, “healthy choices” at overpriced cafés, the list goes on. The problem is convenience is expensive. Furthermore, healthy convenience is even more expensive! None of which is goal based.

Having an effective nutrition plan that is structured around your lifestyle and based on your goals is the only correct answer to living, saving money, and feeling and looking the way you’d like! No amount of coffee can provide this. No amount of fast food. No amount of exercise alone. No amount of sleep alone. Effective nutrition will always be the answer.

The good news is that when you have a personalised nutrition plan, you save on average 25% of what you were spending on food whilst at the same time you will look great, feel great, have more energy than ever, and feel confident about your image. Not to mention improved internal health and years added to your life!

I have so many people thanking me for saving them money by following their personalised nutrition plan. At the same time, they are generally eating more food than ever before and losing body fat in the process.

The attached photo is what I bought yesterday. A variety of healthy, nutritious, still convenient, and effective food sources that will have me LIVING rather than just existing. All for $135. Some of which I don’t even need to buy on a weekly basis. Depending on the individual, you might need more or less food to get you through a week. But think about how much more you’re currently spending just to survive!

Put an end to your current lifestyle by investing in a personalised nutrition plan today! Let me help you to save money and start living!

You could even afford on-going personal training sessions by investing the extra money you will be saving on food! That’s basically FREE personal training sessions with results guaranteed!

Invest in your Personalised Nutrition Plan today to start living ASAP!

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