Free Yourself From ‘Clean Eating’

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I have written this eBook based on my proven approach in nutrition for myself and my clients, and hope to help many more people than those who I meet with face to face.

The title of this book is Free Yourself From ‘Clean Eating’. The basis of this book is to educate people on the significance of looking at food as nutrients rather than ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’; as popularly labeled in the health & fitness industry. This book will also outline some basic need-to-knows about nutrition including food types, meal timing, supplements, and more.

Free Yourself From ‘Clean Eating’ will offer flexibility and variety in your eating, as well as guidance and lifestyle improvements.

This eBook is a great addition to investing in a personalised nutrition plan and will assist you in setting up your own healthy eating plans using the foods that you choose by learning about things such as macronutrients, nutrient ratios, measuring nutrients, reading nutritional panels, and more.

Free Yourself From ‘Clean Eating’ also includes sample male and female meal plans to show how easy it is to set these up yourself, using whichever foods you desire.

If you are tired of eating the same foods every day and would love to take full control of your eating with confidence of results then I urge you to invest in this book today!

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