Making Gains During Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of the year where those who practice it and are also looking to build muscle tend to struggle. This is because this holy period which goes for a month requires believers to fast from sunrise to sunset, completely restricting both fluid and food intake. If you’re looking to maximise your gains we know that consuming protein every 4-5 hours would be ideal, and in some cases people eat more frequently to get in the necessary calories throughout the day. Having a fasting period of 14-16 hours is quite common amongst the intermittent fasting enthusiasts, however they are typically still hydrated and consume coffee to make the process more manageable. The fluid restriction makes Ramadan quite a […]

NEAT & Structured Training: Finding Balance Through Awareness

Earlier this month I travelled to Sydney to attend a fitness summit which featured four key influencers of evidence based fitness: Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeld, Bret Contreras, and James Krieger. I had seen these guys speak last year in the UK and figured they would be presenting on similar topics, so the summit would simply offer networking opportunities more than anything. Being amongst Australia’s leading fitness professionals, it was in fact an investment in regards to connecting with like-minded people, but to my surprise and excitement, I actually learnt a few things too. First I want to start off by saying my career path has lead me to predominantly being office bound, as an online fitness coach offering minimal face […]

Training Efficiency

If you’re looking to get the most out of your weight training, whether it be maximal strength or hypertrophy (muscular gains), it would be wise to setup your training in an efficient manner. This means training towards your goal from a sets/reps/load standpoint, but also an exercise selection standpoint, in a way that is most productive. For strength focused progression you want to spend most of your time on the bigger lifts that utilise more muscles which also allows for greater weight to be moved. Training intensity is an important factor and cycling through phases of training upwards of 80-95% of your 1RM will be effective to push for maximal strength. Strength focused training isn’t going to be based around […]

Your 2016 Fitness Goals Start Here

If you’re getting pumped for the new year; an opportunity to put yourself and your health first and get back in the gym after months or years of procrastination, you probably need some guidelines that will keep you excited and motivated for longer than a few weeks, and hopefully through to this time next year and beyond.   One of the first things to consider is that longevity is key. You’re not going to get “shredded” or “bikini ready” in four weeks so don’t create a plan with that goal in mind. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change you should structure things with your schedule considered. You should have mini-goals with a realistic time frame. You should have some […]

Stay On Track This Festive Season

With Christmas just around the corner it can be a little overwhelming planning how to stay on track with your fitness and physique goals. I mean, in some ways it is just another day and your goals are your goals, but in other ways having a physical and mental break during the festive season can be beneficial. Right now I’m working with people who are planning a short little pre-Christmas diet phase, others who are wondering how to track their nutrition whilst being away on holidays, and some simply ready to embrace the inevitable food baby to come. Regardless of your strategy, I’ve come up with 3 tips to keep your gains and maybe even bust out your abs on […]

Risk Vs Reward

When it comes to seeking better results in dropping body fat or even being stronger for example, you have to consider the risk vs reward factor. Typically the higher the risk, the greater the (potential) reward. In other words, the higher the potential reward, the greater the risk. On the other hand, the lower the risk, the lesser the reward… or maybe it just takes longer. This is something some people don’t consider when looking to improve their physique. If you want to lose weight rapidly, say upwards of 1-5kg per week, it is definitely possible. I know what I believe to be the smartest way to make it happen too. However, with rapid weight loss (high reward) comes high […]

Incorporating Cardio For Fat Loss. Yes or No?

If you asked me 5 or even 10 years ago how to get shredded I probably would’ve told you to keep lifting heavy (or start if you weren’t already), pull back your carbohydrate intake, and add in some cardio. The funny thing is whilst the term “bro-science” has emerged and the above statement might align with it, to be honest my opinion hasn’t really changed. We just know more now, or in a way know better. We know that weight training will help you to preserve maximal lean mass when dieting for fat loss. We know that pulling back carbs (or any macronutrient) will reduce your total caloric intake, which can result in weight loss. We know that adding in […]

Overtraining & Adaptations

Some people say that overtraining doesn’t exist. Whilst it definitely does, In many cases it can seem this way due to the following recovery factors being considered. – Sufficient sleep – Adequate protein – Adequate vitamins & minerals – Adequate fatty acids – Being in a calorie surplus – Optimal hydration On the other hand, if you half ass the list above and still feel great training 7 days per week, maybe you just don’t train as hard as you think you do. In which case overtraining is of no concern either 😉 Why Do I Only Train 4 Days Per Week On Average? There are 3 possible stages of response when it comes to weight training. 1. Alarm or Shock […]

Do You Even Bench?

I once had a complete stranger come up to me in a mall with the question: “How much do you bench”. It was completely unexpected yet both funny and flattering. I guess I didn’t even realise that I looked like I lift! Bench press is obviously super important to most dedicated athletes, weekend warriors, and those people whom only visit the gym on Mondays. In this simple and effective article I’m going to breakdown the setup of the bench press with the coaching cues I use for myself and with my clients to ensure maximal muscular recruitment, safety, and maximal overload. That means lifting more than you currently do in the safest way possible. There is a lot more to […]

Why I Stopped Encouraging Competitive Bodybuilding

While there is a huge sense of satisfaction to make it through a bodybuilding contest prep, it’s no secret that the risk is greater than the reward. When I was 16 I decided to get serious about my training and fell in love with bodybuilding. I bought magazines as soon as they hit the shelves. I listened to bodybuilding pro weekly radio to stay up to date with the scene. I took my protein powder, creatine, and even oats powder to school in cling wrapped bundles stored in my shaker bottle to drink at certain times of the day. I trained as heavy as possible, ate as much as possible, and loved the journey. I had no desire to ever […]

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