Buffets Are Expensive!

Buffets Are Expensive!

I used to think buffets were the ultimate experience. More food for less, eat as much as you’d like. Don’t leave until it’s a struggle to move, or until they close.

I also used to think high-end restaurants that charge the earth for a small sample of “culinary arts” was a pretentious joke, and a poor excuse for a meal.

What have I discovered more recently that I wish I realised sooner?

Buffets are more expensive than fine dining experiences.

While I was basing the comparison on the monetary value, I was ignoring far more important considerations.

Time. Energy. Progress.

Going to a buffet that costs $30 and results in an epic overfeeding can be super expensive to the time and energy you’ve invested towards your fat loss and physique goals.

I don’t get caught up on low cost low reward dining anymore. I would rather overspend on lesser food quantity and in return receive greater quality, portion control, and satisfaction towards keeping my goals on track.

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