About Me

Denver Steyn is a Strength & Nutrition Coach who specialises in improved body composition through effective exercise and nutrition protocols. 

He is the author of two successful eBooks bridging the gap between optimal lifestyle structure and long-term adherence by utilising a balanced approach in exercise and nutrition. 

Denver is also a lifetime drug-free Bodybuilder who has competed on an International level and has been featured in multiple health & fitness publications.

My Story

I was born in Sydney, Australia and moved with my family to the state of Queensland when I was 13 years old, where I have settled in and still call home. I started my health and fitness journey at 16 years old, and have developed a strong passion for having full control of how I look and feel by spending countless hours reading, researching, and implementing weight training, nutrition, recovery, and supplementation strategies. I have since developed an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and have based my approach and lifestyle around effective and enjoyable long-term progression.

As a young teen, I spent most of my time sitting in front of a computer screen with biscuits and soft drinks in arms reach. I had an interest in all things computers and would learn how to use software, build and repair desktop computers, and spent many hours playing online video games and surfing the Internet. This took up most of my time and I lived a somewhat isolated life with minimum social skills and interest in the real world. In junior high school, I had a natural ability in sports and exercise, but I lacked the confidence to pursue sporting opportunities and I would step back when people started to notice my talents. I had the idea that being good at something and publicly recognised meant I would be judged as cocky or arrogant. Growing up there was a large emphasis on “Don’t love yourself too much”. I would hear it a lot due to the fact that I was semi popular when it came to the attention of girls in the classroom and on the playground. I had such a strong focus on not being perceived as “into myself”, that I would push away most people who showed interest in me. I spent a lot of time down playing my abilities to just fit in rather than stand out.

Years later, my interest in computers combined with my natural sporting talents influenced me to spend more time learning about exercise and nutrition and less time playing online video games. Months down the track, I bought my first tub of protein powder, designed a structured eating plan which included two to three “weight gain” shakes per day, and I started a basic weight training program in my parents garage. In less than five weeks of consistent and improved eating along with weight training, I put on eleven kilograms of lean weight, and went from weighing 69 to 80. I would say that was the defining start to my health and fitness journey, and it had become almost impossible to just “fit in”. I wasn’t going to change my new lifestyle so I was forced to adapt to being okay with physically standing out of the crowd.

Since the start of my journey, I have managed to improve my self-confidence and mindset; to a level that puts me completely out of my comfort zone and made me who I am today. By committing to my first bodybuilding competition, I went completely against my limiting beliefs and perceived negative judgment of being more than average. After ten years of my improved lifestyle and five years of competitive bodybuilding, I am still developing my personal skills and self-belief, and have a strong passion for helping others to challenge themselves and become everything they hope to be with strong confidence and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The biggest transformation is not always the physical benefits of health and fitness but more so the positive emotions and feelings that come from it. I want to encourage you to do things that add value to your life and keep you pushing forward.

There are plenty of people who live lives without passion and without doing anything extraordinary. They don’t have anything to inspire them, and they don’t try anything new. There are people who eat the same food, go to the same restaurants, drive the same route to the same job they’ve had for twenty years because it’s easier to do that than to work a little harder to accomplish something a little better.

These people don’t want more. They are happy with good enough. Good enough is easy because it doesn’t require any work. But the problem with good enough is that it sucks the life and motivation right out of you. Once you have achieved it, there’s never a reason to reach for more. Forget good enough, it’s time to be great.

– Denver Steyn

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