3 Common Flexible Dieting Mistakes

3 Common Flexible Dieting Mistakes

1. Weighing food cooked but using raw measurement nutrient data, or the opposite.

100g raw chicken = 22g protein

100g cooked chicken = 31g protein

2. Using cup sizes instead of grams.

Unless you’re measuring liquid, cup sizes are going to be inconsistent. Sure it’s an easy and potentially second best option, but measuring in grams (on a digital scale) can be much more accurate.

3. Tracking random takeaway/cafefood as a whole instead of what it consists of.

A steak burger can be better guesstimated by breaking it down into each ingredient rather than typing “steak burger” into My Fitness Pal.

I would track in the following way:

  • 1 burger bun
  • 80g cooked steak
  • 1 whole egg
  • 30g tomato
  • 50g beetroot
  • 25g lettuce
  • 1 slice cheese
  • 15g BBQ sauce
  • 10g oil (for safe measure of fats/butter)

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