Your 2016 Fitness Goals Start Here

Your 2016 Fitness Goals Start Here

If you’re getting pumped for the new year; an opportunity to put yourself and your health first and get back in the gym after months or years of procrastination, you probably need some guidelines that will keep you excited and motivated for longer than a few weeks, and hopefully through to this time next year and beyond.   One of the first things to consider is that longevity is key. You’re not going to get “shredded” or “bikini ready” in four weeks so don’t create a plan with that goal in mind. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change you should structure things with your schedule considered. You should have mini-goals with a realistic time frame. You should have some […]

Stay On Track This Festive Season

With Christmas just around the corner it can be a little overwhelming planning how to stay on track with your fitness and physique goals. I mean, in some ways it is just another day and your goals are your goals, but in other ways having a physical and mental break during the festive season can be beneficial. Right now I’m working with people who are planning a short little pre-Christmas diet phase, others who are wondering how to track their nutrition whilst being away on holidays, and some simply ready to embrace the inevitable food baby to come. Regardless of your strategy, I’ve come up with 3 tips to keep your gains and maybe even bust out your abs on […]

Sustainable VS Effective Nutritional Phases For Fat Loss

If you’ve read my previous articles or follow my posts on Facebook you probably know that I’m all about maintaining long-term results in a sustainable, low-stress way. That is; you aren’t stopping life to eat every three hours, you aren’t avoiding social events to stick to a restrictive plan, and you aren’t feeling like death just to look a certain way. The thing is though; results need to be achieved in the process before maintenance can be considered. Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. It might be tracking your nutritional intake. It might be completing five training sessions per week. It might be prioritizing life balance to ensure you don’t burn out. However, this sustainable behavior needs to […]

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