Risk Vs Reward

Risk Vs Reward

When it comes to seeking better results in dropping body fat or even being stronger for example, you have to consider the risk vs reward factor. Typically the higher the risk, the greater the (potential) reward. In other words, the higher the potential reward, the greater the risk. On the other hand, the lower the risk, the lesser the reward… or maybe it just takes longer. This is something some people don’t consider when looking to improve their physique. If you want to lose weight rapidly, say upwards of 1-5kg per week, it is definitely possible. I know what I believe to be the smartest way to make it happen too. However, with rapid weight loss (high reward) comes high […]

Guest Article: IIFYM – More than Poptarts and Protein Shakes, by Adam Foster

If you’re a #fitfam member, #pushpullgrinder or someone who looks for #flexibledieting food porn chances are your instagram & twitter feeds are full of the following; Poptarts Flex bowls Beltsander Brownies An assortment of gourmet flavour protein powders ….along with many other “treats” that look too good to be “healthy”. These of course make up the core food groups of the “IIFYM” diet. Right? Wrong. And thus here we are, examining yet another misconception in regards to “If it fits your macros” and “flexible dieting”. The Key Points Social Media 100% Skews the Image of Flexible Dieting/IIFYM Macro goals give people a greater understanding of their bodies needs, as opposed to food groups or a meal plan with no quantities […]

Incorporating Cardio For Fat Loss. Yes or No?

If you asked me 5 or even 10 years ago how to get shredded I probably would’ve told you to keep lifting heavy (or start if you weren’t already), pull back your carbohydrate intake, and add in some cardio. The funny thing is whilst the term “bro-science” has emerged and the above statement might align with it, to be honest my opinion hasn’t really changed. We just know more now, or in a way know better. We know that weight training will help you to preserve maximal lean mass when dieting for fat loss. We know that pulling back carbs (or any macronutrient) will reduce your total caloric intake, which can result in weight loss. We know that adding in […]

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