Travelling & Hitting Nutrition Goals – You Can Make It Work!

Travelling & Hitting Nutrition Goals – You Can Make It Work!

Long distance travel can definitely throw you off your goal based eating structure; if you let it! 12+ hours of sitting in a recliner loaded with digital entertainment, constant snacks and beverage service, and then every food group on one tray including my favourite; cheesecake, it’s the ultimate setup for smooth abs and swollen ankles! Being in this position in the past, I’ve generally convinced myself that I “deserve” to enjoy these things so I “give in” to eating & drinking everything offered, as well as the sneaky extras the person sitting next to me decided not to eat. Looking back at those situations in the past, I was in an “I’m dieting” state of mind and was suffering from food […]

Flexible Dieting – “On The Fly” Nutrition

If you’re anything like me, you believe eating should be enjoyable, delicious, and also social at times. Although there are valid good reasons for a set meal plan, I can’t remember the last time I stuck to a meal plan and ate the exact same foods every single day, without wanting to change something.                           By utilising flexible dieting protocols you can see that what I ate today and what I have planned for tomorrow are completely different, however the macronutrient content is almost identical. What does this mean? It means that both days I am eating a controlled amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat to reach my current […]

Meal Timing & Food Combinations

Timing meals and putting specific nutrients at different times of the day has no proven positive/negative effect on your body composition if you are being consistent with your total daily nutrient intake. It is simply only effective on a psychological basis in terms of feeling like you are being “optimal” and also feeling less hungry at certain times of the day when in a calorie deficit. One could argue that the psychological factor could improve training performance which could then lead to more energy output and improved body composition, which I would agree with. In this case timing meals and nutrients can be beneficial. However if you can successfully disconnect from that state of mind, there would be no psychological […]

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